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Hell Unleashed

AU Season Seven

Hell Unleashed { An AU Season 7 Buffy RPG }
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This RP is an alternant verson of season 5 and 6, and it starts with season 7.





Into each generation a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world, a Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to fight the vampires, to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers

We have all been given the chance to watch the version that Joss has created but....

What if Joyce had lived?


With Joyce alive and well, Giles feels no pressure to look after Buffy, and returns to England right after his encounter with Dracula and his brides. He sells The Magic Box to Anya but she never finds the clues about the Key. Hence Glory locates the Key before the Scoobies even discover there's something amiss with Dawn.

Dawn learns what Glory is going to do with her blood and sacrifices herself to save the world, leaving Buffy, Joyce and the Scoobies to mourn her death. She was sent into Hell where the Devil saw her potential for the dark side because she was the key and impregnated her with the Anti Christ. He needs her to return to Earth so that once the child is born the gates of Hell will unlock and he will be free to over take earth. Tara never regained her saneness and was left mentally incapacitated.

Willow and Tara still move in with the Summers women but as a result of trying to use magick to bring Tara back to her normal side Willow turns Amy back human. Amy wanting to suck magick from Willow she has her meet Rack. He promises Willow that he can teach her spells on how to get Tara back. Blinded by the love for her girl friend Willow starts to get hook on Rack's evil magick. Anya and Xander do get married and while gone on their honeymoon Willow turns dark.

With the red headed witch on a rampage Buffy fears she wont beable to stop the love grieving Willow before she destroys the entire town and planet. Worried she swallows her pride and asks an old friend for help. Rushing to LA leaving the town vounerable Buffy retrieves her slayer counter part Faith only to return to a sun shining Sunnydale.

Xander returns to Sunnydale and ends up saving his best friend. Buffy and Joyce convince Willow to go to England to visit with Giles and his new wife (The new Watchers Council Leader) and learn form Giles' coven friends. They move Tara to that Mental Institution in L.A. Two years later the police catch Amy walking on the side of the road talking crazy to herself and she gets sent to the same institution as Tara.


Amy discovers that Tara is Willow's girlfriend and that she could use her against Willow. She takes power from Tara and uses it to teleport to the Magic Shop where she buys supplies for a dark spell. Tara being insane because of Glory still wants to get the key. So she knocks Amy out and changes the spell so that it brings Dawn back from the dead.

Dawn comes back and seems normal, but she's not. While she had been gone for 2 years, in Hell she had only been gone two months. While in Hell the Devil not only impregnantes her but also super sizes the littlest Summers with evil, evil and with powers. Slowly everything goes back to "normal" with the return of Dawn.

As a thank you for bringing her back Dawn gives Tara back her sanity. Wanting to be with someone that understands her pain, Dawn turns to the peroxide Vampire. The affection that Dawn had been recipricating to the vamp, he quickly starts to fall deeply inlove with her. Slowly Dawn begins to turn evil.

Will the scoobies be able to stop Dawn from having her child, will Spike be able to save her with their love, or will the Devil get released? Find out in Hells Unleashed, the AU of BtVS season 7.

The RPG starts after all this Dawn's homecoming and her making Tara sane. Willow is still in England and only Giles knows about Tara. He is coming down to Sunnydale to check Tara out before they tell Willow. Dawn hasn't figured out yet that she is pregnant.

We are looking for very serious Role Players, this game will be long and will take dedication. Please do not join unless you plan on being comitted to playing.

The Cast

Joyce Summers -

Buffy Summers -

Dawn Summers -the_key_girl

Xander Harris -butt_monkey_xan

Anya Jenkins Harris -bunny_slayer_

Willow Rosenberg -disclaimer_gal

Amy Madison-disclaimer_gal

Tara Maclay- taramber

Spike -

Faith Lehane -kinkorvanila

Originals are welcome but you must find a way to fit them into the plot.


Your Name:


Years of RP experience:

Yahoo and or AIM SN:

Email Address:

Character Journal:

Any dates that you know of that you will be gone? And if so how long:

Character desired:

Sample post (Must be para.):

Application for originals:



Years of RP experience:

Yahoo and or AIM SN:

Email Address:

Character Journal:

Any dates that you know of that you will be gone? And if so how long:

Character name:

Description and back story of character:

Character picture:

How can the character be fit into the RP:

Sample post (Must be para):



1.) All post must be para.

2.) NC-17 is allowed but must marked with a warning and under LJ cut.

3.) Do not discriminate against anyone or the actions of their characters. (Any bashing done will result in being banned from the RPG.)

4.) If you have a problem with a fellow player please inform the mods or discuss it privately among yourselves.

5.) This RP is broken down into episodes, each episode can take up a month to make or less if we feel like it done.

6.) Give us a weeks notice if you are going to be gone a week or more.

7.) All OOC must take place in the OOC community. hu_ooc

8.) Most important of all: HAVE FUN! =)

To apply send an email to nakay.minor@gmail.com put Hell Unleashed Application in subject line.


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